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Rescue Works Holiday Online Shopping Event

Thank you for joining in our “Holiday Online Shopping Event”. Each numbered item or collection that is being offered was donated to RescueWorks! to be included in our Tea and Bubbly Event’s Silent Auction and Annual Wine Event which of course had to be cancelled this year due to the pandemic.  Yet the many urgent needs of RescueWorks!’s four-legged fur-buddies, spay and neuter program and pets in our community and other rescues needing help continue so we are taking these wonderful offerings online!    Each item or collection listed is unique and the item/collection goes to first person who we confirm at the donation amount listed for that item. Now to begin please read on below for how you participate:

Step one: Check out all our wonderful items (an “item” could be one or multiple things included within the description), then message us at with the Item number and name of the item(s) you are interested in (you may list several items within one message).  The earliest hour and minute during the event that a message is received regarding an item will determine who will be the recipient through donation for that item. The donation amount varies from item to item and that donation amount is specified at the end of each item description.

Step two: We will respond as quickly as possible by return message if you are the item recipient (“winner”) and we will also confirm the total donation payment amount you will submit and payment directions in that message.   Do NOT submit a payment until we have notified you that you are the recipient and the total amount that is due from you.

Step three: You will need to reply to our message within 8 hours (within 12 hours for messages we send you after 9pm PST) that you have received our confirmation and you then will start processing your donation as arranged. Should you not respond within that defined time then the next interested party for that item will be contacted. Donation is preferred through Paypal at  or you may indicate in your reply if you need to submit your donation by a different option. If your donation is not paid through Paypal or other arranged method then the item will be relisted. 

Step four: This is a fundraiser so we cannot ship items due to the expense. Delivery by a RW! volunteer is available to the RescueWorks! service areas that lie within a 20-mile radius of Pasadena, San Dimas or Rancho Cucamonga.  For all areas outside of these regions, items can be picked up from volunteers in those cities by arrangement.  To consolidate volunteer driving trips, item delivery will begin the weekend of December 5, 2020. 


You may request to pick up items prior to that time if needed from one of the cities listed above. Note: Please message us before donating if you live outside this delivery/pickup area and have a different delivery option you would like us to consider and we will see what we can do to assist you.

All items listed are at a donation price equivalent to or under their estimated monetary value.  Items or collections containing alcohol require proof of legal age for alcohol consumption upon delivery. 

Let's start with some beautiful gift baskets !

Christmas Bulldogs

Thank you for your Holiday Auction purchase.

Now, Bring On Some Holiday Bling Origami Owl Style!!!!  

The following jewelry items (items 17-28) are all new Origami Owl products and all were donated by our generous, longtime supporter and friend, Suzanne Buquet.  All of the jewelry item prices are a bit lower than the estimated combined cost of all the parts- “parts” meaning that chains, lockets, wristlets, watches, decorative bezels, earrings, and the charms or crystals that hang from the chains or are inside of the lockets all are initially priced separately. When the piece of jewelry is “created” the new value is the sum of all those parts. Note- Origami Owl Jewelry is designed to be changed or added to so you could change up most of these pieces by purchasing other parts from an Origami Owl associate.

*Any alcohol purchases need to provide ID proving age.

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