Adoption Stories

We will be highlighting some great adoption stories, showing the happy families that have decided to "rescue".  We want you to see how families come in all shapes, sizes and your family could be the next one to offer a forever home to one of these wonderful dogs. 


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Tip 1

Be Prepared:
Think about the type of pet that will fit the best with your family and any current pets. Make sure that you will have enough time to spend with a new family addition.

Tip 2

Make sure all family members are on board: Set some ground rules and make sure everyone in the family agrees to follow and enforce them.

Tip 3

Set aside time to bond: 
Spend some quiet time with your pet each day, petting him or her gently and speaking in a soothing voice. Touch is an incredibly powerful method of communication, one that is almost impossible to misunderstand. Show your pet he’s or she safe and loved, and your relationship will get off to a beautiful start.